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US Airways

US Airways "CREW" style luggage tags are NOT valid as Airline Identification. They are designed to keep a crew members bag on the plane that they are flying. Use of "CREW" style tags by anyone other than a crew member may actually cause your bag to be mis-routed to another city.


We strongly advise you NOT to order a "CREW" style product if you are not a crew member. We have numerous other products available for you to choose from.

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CREW: Same Both Sides
Crew Tags Luggage Tags with up to 4 lines of text with Bold Red CREW on both sides...
Custom Photo: With CREW Luggage Tag
Custom Photo Upload Crew Tags with up to 4 lines of personalized text on a CREW style back...
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US Airways A320 Sunset Crew Tags
Us Airways A320 Sunset Crew Tags with up to 4 lines of text on the reverse side with bold red CREW...
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Customer Testimonials

I've ordered from Crew Tags before and was obviously pleased enough to order again.

But I had some issues with the discount - couldn't figure out where to add it - and so I contacted Crew Tags. Their response was not only prompt - almost immediately - but they took action to make sure all discounts were applied. I was impressed by their attention to customer service as much as I am to their product. I'm very happy with my crew tags and get asked frequently where I got them and I'm very happy to pass along the information. I'll not order from anyone else - I'm that happy with this company.

Ken Pike
How many Luggage Tags do I need?

Over the years we've encouraged everyone to buy two tags for every bag they own. But a close friend of ours, with nearly 20 years of airline experience, recently informed us that THREE tags per bag is your new goal.

Our friend tells us that the handles of your suitcase are often the first to go. And when they do, your Luggage Tag is going to go with it. So she recommends...

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